Brave Home

Second phase restoration for surviviors of human trafficking

About Brave Home

The Brave Home is a second phase restoration home for women that are survivors of Human Trafficking. Traffickers control their victims, using them as a commodity to make money. Traffickers force victims to become dependable upon drugs which makes these women extremely vulnerable.

In the Brave Home we give these women the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and control by creating avenues of financial freedom through education and job opportunities. After these women have completed their drug rehabilitation and trauma counselling phase these women don’t always have the option to integrate back to their families.

In the second phase home we work towards giving these women scholarships, eduction, training, skills development and job opportunities to give them financial freedom and teach them good financial stewardship. You can partner with us in volunteering a skill or donate something of our Wishlist.  Please contact us for our Wishlist.



Your donation towards our wish list can help us aid more women

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Beautifully Brave

Rescue, rehabilitation and restoration for victims of the sex and human trafficking industries.

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