Beautifully Brave

She has a story, she has a voice, she is beautifully brave.

A proud project and initiative by Brave To Love


What is Beautifully Brave?

Beautifully Brave is our project where we connect with over 800 women in South-Africa working in the sex trade.  Each year the number of women we connect with in brothels, clubs and the streets increases.  We have interviewed and connected with these beautiful women and each and every one of them will say to you that they do not want to sell their bodies but their hurting and hopeless circumstances have brought them there.  

These women vary from the shocking ages of 13 and younger up to 50+.  Some made a choice to generate income through it and some are kept there against their will as sex slaves.  Many of these women have experienced physical assault, rape, emotional abuse and mental abuse.  The stories we hear are of women struggling with deep roots of depression,  suicide and post traumatic stress syndrome.  Each woman and girl we meet are valuable to us and deserves our love and attention.   We have learnt from these women how to be brave and how to stand strong.  These women have become our friends and we will cherish their stories of bravery forever in our hearts. 

Skill development and rehabilitation

Beautifully Brave has offered skill development for these ladies to encourage entrepreneurship.  We have partnered with organizations to provide training and education.  We also partnered with recovery centers to give the support these women need whether rehabilitation, counselling or psychological support.  

A life of poverty

Poverty plays a huge role in South-Africa forcing women into the sex trade.  Drug addiction and hopelessness feeds the trade and harms the psychological state and physical health of these women.  Many women will enter the sex trade healthy but after a few months of not coping with the work they turn to drugs and alchohol to silence the pain.  There are women that enter the sex trade healthy but walk out with deadly diseases like HIV because they were forced to have sex without a condom.  They end up getting different sexual diseases from clients and sometimes being forced to fulfill unimaginable destructive sexual fantasies.  These women are the bravest of them all and we have come to love them so deeply and many have become our friends.  She has a story, she has a voice, she is beautifully brave

She has a story, she has a voice, she is beautifully brave.

You can help her become beautifully brave. Through the continuous donations and support of the public, we are able to provide a way to recovery for all women who has entered their exodus.

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